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Ogre Head Studio
Ogre Head Studio
Ogre Head Studio


We cater to the needs of indie and large studios alike providing them with complete, end-to-end game design and edutainment solutions!


We make games! Developing is our forte which we could happily do for you. Just get in touch to create something epic.


We understand the importance of alluring imagery in a good game which is why we create visually striking assets for our clients.

We are always willing to share our two cents for any questions about this multi-dimensional field and its complexities related to development, design or art!


We provide game development services to both indie and large studios alike.

To know more, contact us at support@ogrehead.com


About Us

Ogre Head Studio is an independent video game company based in Hyderabad, India. We make original games inspired by Indian myth and culture for the world to enjoy. Additionally, we extend consultancy and development services to indie as well as large game studios!


Awards and Recognition!

Kotaku Review for Asura made by Ogre Head Studio
Mumbai Mirror Review for Asura made by Ogre Head Studio

Our Clients

LG Life's Good
Quicksand Labs

Join the Ogre Clan

At Ogre Head Studio, we are always on the look-out for folks who are passionate and have a penchant for creating something beautiful. We welcome individuals who have a vision and want to work towards a better future for the Indian Gaming Industry.


Didn't find anything for yourself on the list?

If you’re a game connoisseur, a hard worker and are willing to learn, do not be shy to drop in your resume. Be sure to add reference materials of your work and we will get in touch with you soon!


Contact Us

If you have any queries or feedback, email us at :



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