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We strive for brilliance to make something epic, be it our own or our client’s game. The collaborative origination of a great game that exceeds expectations starts with hard work and dedication. We make sure that there is no stone left unturned in making this happen.


"The last 10% of Game Design is really what separates the good games from the great games."

- Garry Kitchen

In order to achieve the phenomenon that we call ‘Epicness’, we make sure that we work diligently from start to finish with the same enthusiasm until we reach our end goal.

We provide a one stop shop for all aspects of Design.

  • Conception of the idea

  • Designing core gameplay mechanics

  • Designing Secondary gameplay mechanics

  • Balancing the game

  • UI / UX design

  • Art style selection

  • Game Design Documents

Have an existing IP you want to gamify? We are up to the task! We care about the lore and physics of the world that you create through your game. To respect this, we pay extra heed to make sure that these are ever-present and never hampered while creating the game. The greatest weapon of a game is the originality you provide which we are more than happy to preserve!




"Cheerfulness is really the most important feature of Game Development."

- Ken Rolston

We sure love making gamers happy but what we love most is making everyone happy! That includes you and we are always willing to put in the extra blood, sweat and tears to make sure of it.

  • PC Game Development

  • Console Game Development

  • Mobile Game Development

  • Browser Game Development

  • AR Game Development

  • VR Game Development

When the game is delivered, you will forget how to pronounce ‘lag’, because you wont find any. As for any problems with bugs, we are here to battle and squash it to the ground!

You want something epic made? We make it! Being a studio with vast collective knowledge of game developments over all frontiers and platforms, we make sure your game runs as good as it plays.




“An artist is someone, who takes you where you could never go alone.” 

- Jesse Schell

What sets a game apart is how intriguing and captivating it is. Alluring art is the key to transfix gamers and this aesthetic paradigm is of utmost importance to us.


We can make fascinating worlds right from conceptualization to engine ready, optimized versions which look just as good as promised, if not better. Our goal is to tantalize the players with the game’s artistic flair.

  • 3D Asset Creation

  • High Poly Asset Creation

  • 2D Asset Creation

  • Concept Art (Character & Environment)

  • Illustrations

  • Storyboard

You can make sure that elements like the game’s characters, props, vehicles, terrain and vegetation are not to be worried about when they are in our hands. We pick the pieces of the giant, confusing puzzle that is your game and create an illustrious final picture where everything fits together perfectly.




“We find that you need to make a game wrong at least two or three times before you find the right path.” 

- Ken Wong

Nobody likes to be left to tread uncharted territories all alone. In the quest for success in the game development kingdom, we make sure that you have a companion you can always rely on.

Stemming from our extensive experience in creating games, we are the Bearers of the torchlights you need in your journey through this tunnel of darkness.

  • Game Design Consultancy

  • Game Development Consultancy

  • Game Art and Aesthetic Consultancy

  • Gameplay Analysis and Feedback

  • Game Monetization and Business Consultancy

Let us evaluate the situation to throw light on key issues, mentor your team through execution, or handle full design development for you!


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